(here’s one that I forgot to post a week ago)

Immediately after getting my ph’D (pronounced fuhd), I will now be teaching thermodynamics summer term here at UW. Ergo, I’ve decided to spend the entire time talking about Stirling engines. Seriously though, this is kind of neat though, actually lecturing at a big school…I’m looking forward too it. Plus, I get to spend another summer in Seattle, which is better than the apocalyptic weather we’ve been getting lately. I’ve been sort of on the fence on whether I want to pursue the national lab careers or if I want to eventually return to acadamia. So, hopefully this will help push me in one direction..

In other news..my old pal from SPHS days, Dan Johnson, and his friend April decided to visit last night with a few hours warning. We hit Queen Anne’s five spot which was a little dissapointing imho…a little too cloying with food that seemed like it had been prepared a few hours ago. Tonight we hit Chapel (again), which was more successful. I had two happy hour martinis: a vodka lavender martini and a cucumber gin martini that was upgraded to Hendrick’s. Both were smoooooooth and tasty, although the cucumber one took a while since it was basically a large cup of gin, neat. Dan’s apricot, cinnamon martini was also pretty tasty, as was April’s ginger variety. Dan also got some stranger drinks that I can’t remember…