homersimpson.gifIf you hadn’t heard already, I managed to spill a cup of coffee on my laptop a few days ago.

Fucking soaked it.

My first impulse was to drain it by flipping it on its side, turning it over (actually my 0th impulse was too hop around in circles, wagging my hands, and whimper) Admittedly that was sort of satisfying since it did drain quite a bit of coffee. As I was doing that it turned back on by accident, leading to much relief. I happily packed up my coffee resistant laptop and headed for school. Once I got there, I consulted the wisdom of the internet and it told me that everything I had done so far was horribly (horribly!) WRONG. Really quite inept. So I freaked and tried to air dry the computer guts with a freakin’ air hose in the machine shop..(taking apart a computer is apparently is a no-no for those of you with warranties…It was almost as bad as when I tried to fix my roommate’s vcr, when I was a freshman in college, and I took it apart, put it back together and had 20 or so screws left over. Let’s all be glad I never enrolled in med school, cuz I would be the guy getting amputees mixed up and shit: “oh, your left!”)

…the only smart thing I’ve done is to take everything off the hard-drive. Lately, the computer comes on, oh, 40% of the time, 20% of the keys work, and it smells alluringly of sumatra. I tried calling the acer corporation and the automated system said I had seventy..nine..minutes to talk to someone. At this point, I’m going to try this place in Ballard and if that doesn’t work, I might get a new one. Those X60‘s look mighty nice…but expensive.