(I guess this is a review or recap of some sort) Went to Tutta Bella and Chapel last night–both were long overdue. Tutta Bella is sort of in the vein of Buca di Beppo, except the food’s good. The pizza was nicely smoky with the right ratio of toppings to crust. The sauce was chunky and not candy-sweet like most chains (especially this one). I had one with prosciutto that had some fresh arugula thrown on top. It was good, but not as good as Andrea’s custom anchovy pie. Chapel is one of those froofy hipster bars endemic to Seattle, but once I got over my fear of froofy hipsters, I kind of dug its over-the-top atmosphere and ridiculously long drink list. Andrea got a rosemary/olive/lemon ‘left bank’ martini, while I opted for the more friendly-sounding (and tasting) cantaloupe-infused vodka martini. Well, the cats are making me sleepy so that’s all I have to say. Oh yeah, and here’s a video of some pool tricks with an annoying soundtrack. (Adam should like that)