breadsteps.JPGRadiators have been singing pretty steadily this morning. All that sunny, crisp weather has been replaced by soggy, cold gray days where everything has the same color outside. This kind of weather demands baking and hot drinks and all that. I was really intrigued by a recent Times article where they substituted 24 hours of rising for kneading. I don’t have a fancy mixer with a dough-hook or even a food processor, so kneading has always been a bit of a chore with me. Plus I never have a good idea of when to stop, so my bread always comes out like poundcake (probably from over-kneading). Anyways, this recipe is a winner, but I will probably tinker with it a little (a little more salt, constant steam in the oven since I don’t have a tight lid on my ceramic pot and I want more crust). Don’t be afraid by the bubbly, sticky mass of goo that you get after a while–that’s normal.

What else…I made my final batch of salsa this year with a few things from the farmer’s market. I’ve become pretty enamored with roasting all the ingredients ahead of time. Also, I might be doing thanksgiving here in a couple weeks, so keep your peepers open for an email.