Thanks to all my buddies who’ve had ferocious colds recently, I’ve finally broken down and gotten one for myself. Such fun! Fortunately, I have trained the cats to prepare tea and hot water bottles when necessary. Not the monkey servants I’ve always dreamt about, but they’ll do.

Let’s see what else…oh it’s very nice and fall-like in Seattle, if you couldn’t piece it together from the photo of an ivy-infested aparatment down the street. It usally gets soggy before the weather gets truly crispy so I’m trying to enjoy it. This usually consists of longingly watching the red square webcam from either one of my windowless offices in the physics building. Occasionally I wander up to the 5th floor walkway (no more access to the roof) where there’s a nice view.


On the other side you can see Mt. Ranier, which never ceases to amaze even when it’s framed by buildings and such.

(for those of you who are thinking, ‘big deal, I see that shit everyday,’ I like to give a little Seattle flavor to my mom who I know reads this site…hell, she has an RSS feed for cryin’.)

pancakes.JPG Oh yeah and I have been cooking some–made some beef stew (ok c’etait boeuf bourgionne), some ricotta meatballs, and some buckwheat pancakes (that’s some more of that ridiculously creamy ricotta on top) in the last few days…which probably confirms how much of a loser I can be when I have time on my hands..Anyways, I hope this weather keeps up. I hope you all had a nice halloween, and special thanks to Susan for loaning me her Angelina Jolie mask. (why am I getting all confessional sounding? I hope this isn’t a trend towards a more emo-tim…)