Well, I do have a tiny home…um, so as I mentioned earlier, I got this little faux surround sound speaker system from this small company in Massachusettes. It’s pretty cute and a pretty good fit for me (cheap and lacking space). So far, not bad: the surroundiness can be a little breathtaking, but can be taken a little too far.  Let’s review the test of the mini ZVOX, gentle readers:zvox.JPG

  • My Thang (James Brown) : With the phase cue knob cranked all the way, that opening gong really shimmers from one side of the room to the other.  Bass is really rich…tweeters do sound like they’re coming from my sides.  Pretty good so far…let’s check that middle range..
  • Neighborhood #3 (Arcade Fire) : Bass is a little heavier here than I like, but it does sound a lot more ‘live’…It appears I’m going to be a lot more sensitive to levels now than before.
  • Desert Search for Techno Allah (Mr. Bungle) : verrrry nice.  Basically testing every possible type of music with this one song.  Much better than with my giant blue+gray aiwa, with a nice restrained echo.
  • Only Shallow (My Bloody Valentine) : mostly ok.  Haven’t heard any static here, but the surroundiness of the overdubbed guitars is making me a little seasick (maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be?)
  • Star Witness (Neko Case) : This is where the zvox shines.  Neko sounds rich and shimmery.  I suspect that this system will work better for acoustic stuff than ‘wall of sound’ type productions.
  • The Wire, season III : …and whatdyaknow–it dramatically improves the sound and feel of dvd’s (well, it was the mono output from my tv previously).  If you have not seen this show yet, give it a shot–but start from the beginning.  It’s a ridiculously complex show with a million characters, each of which is more well-rounded than 99% of what you’ve seen so far.

Ok, you’ve made it this far: here’s a special-extra-bonus picture of a present Echo left me this morning.  She really, really hates toilet paper.