Andrea got a fancy-shmancy, hoopty-doopty Nikon D50 off craigslist this weekend. It was brand new, since the dude selling it ‘won it in a contest’. It’s pretty awesome–when it takes a picture the shutter sounds like it should, like a guillotine rather than some sort of cheap, digitized imitation…anyways, markethaul.JPGI’ve got a little camera envy…maybe it’s just the proximity, but my camera seems kind of small compared to everyone else’s now. Sometimes I’m ashamed to look at it. And it seems Andrea has a thing for big cameras…

Ummm…yeah–in other news: I made beef jello this weekend. Actually, it’s beef stock, but the bones have so much gelatin in them that it alwaysbeefstock.JPG ends up like sweet, tasty beef jello. I just cook it with a little bit of onion, a couple bay leaves, and some pepper corns and leave it in a 250 deg. oven for 9-48 hours. The 48 hour version is pretty nuts, more glace than stock. It reacts violently with vegetarians. I made some lentil soup with it tonight that was ok. Had some artichokes for the first time since my summer at PNNL. This was when my 60 year old housemate/cowgirl Cheryl almost made me choke when she that this was kind of sensual. I sort of miss that lady and the farm life.