For a time, I was buying a cd every two weeks, usually scouring the quality used bins at cellophane. Honestly, I haven’t boughten one in many months. The latest reason: ctrax–this free (sort of) download site available to UW students. They have a pretty decent selection (no Coco Rosie though), but everything’s the infamous DRM format. To the best of my knowledge, DRM works within the windows framework making it impossible to burn the song to a cd, making the songs trackable if you manage to distribute them, and forcing you to use media player (making a lot of mac users rightfully grumpy). Anyways, there are ways around DRM (do your own homework), so lately I’ve been on quite the music binge.

After much research, I finally got a new speaker/receiver system to replace the ugly blue and gray aiwa boom box I’ve been using since undergrad. As for the tunes, here’s some rec’s: I’ve finally gotten into cat power (you are free‘s a-sides are a trip)…m. ward’s latest is pretty nice…sharon jones gets me going…and I keep getting brazilian girls stuck in my head…you UW students should check out the site–it takes a little time to get it set up, but it’s sort of nice..