I was sort of busy last week so I didn’t bother to post much of anything. I was applying for a job for the first time, and I kind of put the research plan off too long. It’s a little embarrassing, but I don’t have a clear idea what I want to do (still). Here’s my thought process during that ordeal.

8 am: I want to learn something completely new! ..but what?
8:01 am: Maybe something in..um… biology! Yeah, biology’s hot, right now. Can’t get a physics faculty position unless your nano-this or bio-that… so, I got 12 hours to learn about a problem in biology and figure out how to solve it with physics! Let’s go!
8:01 pm: Ok, this sucks. Apparently bacteria are more complicated than you’d think…waaaay too many atoms. Hmm…I guess I’ll just stick with x-rays. Maybe something closer to CM…something nano..or photonics–yeah, let’s try that.
10:30 pm: Huh, photonics experiments work better with optics than x-rays..who’d-a-thunk-it? Well, lasers are for sissies…how ’bout them electrons? Collective excitations are sort of lukewarm-hot–how about plasmons? Yeah, plasmonics! They’re using that in photonics with surface plasmons and shit!
12:30 am: ..and they’re still easier to look at with lasers or worse, EELS. Maybe…how about q-dependent x-ray Raman scattering? That’s like tepid-hot.. (I then give up and write a research plan pitching a pressure induced electron delocaliztion in lanthanides, measuring dispersion relations in surface plasmons, and nuclear resonance scattering measurements of hemoglobin dynamics. Yee haw.)

Ok, it wasn’t really that bad and apologies for the whole ‘physics-is-everything’ snobbishness that goes with the profession. I did learn a lot too..it’s just that you begin to realize how little you know. Yeesh.

In other news, Andrea got a cool RA for the year and I got me this family-sized leg of lamb at Costco. Also, I’m thinking of doing the Thanksgiving party again this year…what else? Oh yeah, and this paper got accepted in just a couple weeks. The reviewer said that mankind would benefit tremendously from it, that web of science would have to prepare its servers for the massive onslaught of citations that it would surely bring, that this will now set the new standard for what it sounds like..when doves cry (or something to that effect).