Nubia’s dog, Sam, died last night. We were all eating pizza after a long day of nothing..shortly after Nubia left to catch a bus, Andrea got the call and we rushed over. When we got there we saw Nubia frozen in front of her window, too shaken to go in. I don’t blame her. I’ve never dealt with a dead pet like that…they’re so cold and rigid, like the opposite of their former selves. Especially Sam, who was such a lively two-and-a-half-year old mutt. After a few phone calls, we found a place that would cremate Sam that night so we wrapped him up in a sheet and brought him there. Kind of a nondescript way to go, but I think it was necessary. I don’t know if there’s much you can or should say to Nubia at this point, but we will all miss Sam too…

[sorry for the abrupt transition, but…] I’ve started applying for jobs, and I have a couple ambitious targets in the early going. Both these jobs are fellowships for starting your own lab, which is thrilling, but intimidating. On the way, I made my first CV, and it has an embarrassingly large number of unpublished papers on it…but I’m confident that I can get most of them submitted before I’m out of here.

One other random thing: I’m cooking up heaps of chili and cornbread up tonight and will probably watch some of the hawks game tonight so if anyone wants some food, you should call.