bigtreeandandrea.JPGAfter Crater Lake, Andrea and I spent a night in Ashland and then proceeded to Prairie Creek State Park, which is part of the northern part of the Coastal Redwood Range. The trees around here aren’t as wide or old as more inland sequoias, but they are the tallest in the world, nearing 400 feet. Anyways, there was a lot of good hiking, eating, and scrabble playing (we tied at 347 one night–ta is apparently a word)…and we took some pictures along the way (the better ones are probably Andrea’s). Okay, I gotta get back to work–speaking of which, you can check out a new paper on arXiv.

curvytree.JPG bark.JPG bigtree.jpg bigtreeandandrea.JPG campsitesmall.jpg endofhike.JPG firstword.JPG halibut.JPG insidetrees.JPG leaves.JPG straddle.JPG straddle2.JPG strongtim.JPG yes.JPG treepan1.jpg