peaches1.JPG, there was a price break when you bought the flat..that and I love those fleetingly fresh peaches, right off the tree. Some of these are the most flavorful I’ve ever tried and they were a pretty good deal at a buck a pound. I also bought a ton of spicy peppers, tomatoes, and something similar to a cantaloupe so I could make that cantaloupe gazpacho that I mentioned earlier. I had it with crab last night–spicy, but quite tasty.peaches3.JPG My kick-ass blender really went nuts on it and it had sort of a foamy texture that was kind of neat. I had some broiled peaches with cream for dessert. Well, it was sort of cream…I had some really old stuff in the fridge that had separated into some solid chunks, a creamy layer on top and some watery stuff below. Smelled and tasted fine though, so I took the creamy part…maybe it just became creme fraiche–the illegal kind (ok it probably just spoiled). In any case, it tasted pretty darn good with the broiled peaches.