Random stuff from the last 24 hours…I did fairly well at pool last night, going 12-2, mostly against Adam (who was a bit off after his trip to Michigan and two whiskeys). Adam introduced me to his pal Ed, this english phD with a mohawk. Ed spontaneously gave me a backrub later on (he was giving backrubs to everyone). It was such a good backrub that I gave him one back. Maybe it was the beer, but that whole episode felt like I was in a game of the Sims. I was skimming through a zillion references for the carboranes and I found a short paper on a theoretically predicted molecule C6B12 molecule that’s shaped like a wheel. If you don’t understand what the phrase ‘shaped like a wheel means,’ the authors have included a figure for you:


What a waste of paper and time making both figures…speaking of wasting time making figures, J. Aleksi Soininen is flying in from Helsinki tonight and will be working with the Rehrs this quarter. Since he’s an expert in what I do, I asked if he could stay in my office the next three months. John said ‘ok’ and I began to think of all things we could do together…not just physics-y things–fun stuff, like showing him the student shop, goofing around at the aquarium, checking out the view from skyscrapers, and maybe an intimate dinner at this Korean bar in Vancouver…or maybe not..ok, I got to get back to work. Tomorrow I’m hitting the farmer’s market, hard…so look for some foodie stuff.