Sometimes I wonder on Monday why I didn’t get anything done over the weekend…well, it’s clearly the cats’ fault. They can make me so sleepy.

Also, I end up cooking an irrational amount of stuff on weekends. To that end, I’ve been sleeping more than cooking, but I did make a few things including a couple doodads for Matt Hahn’s party tonight. Exhibit A is a pomegranate/lychee mixer headed for some interesting libations tonight. Exhibit B is damn good salsa I made (in an attractive yogurt container) that has three types of peppers and some cheap #2 heirlooms from the market in it. It’s killing me not to down it like a bowl of some wicked gazpacho…(hmmm…gazpacho sounds good, with some crab or shrimp in it..maybe some cantaloupe to add creaminess..)

Gawd, I sound so fruity right now.