Well cross one off the list…I rode critical mass with Rory tonight. It was a blast, like a big party that slowly wound through downtown Seattle. It didn’t seem to piss off people that much (well most people), most folks took it in stride as if it were some makeshift parade. Surprisingly, the real city cops (not the sheriffs office from the fiasco a couple months ago) seemed to be cool–several even laughed at the buck naked bicyclist in front of me. I’m not 100% sure what the point of critical mass is: most folks are trying to bring awareness to bicyclists, some want to get back at cars who can be a little bossy (especially downtown), but I’m in the last group that’s just there to have fun and enjoy a gloriously meandering tour of Seattle and Capital Hill before summer’s gone. Rory and I hit Linda’s and Honeyhole afterwards to cap an awesome night. Highly recommended fun. (Kudos to the guy who dj’ed the whole thing with a boom-box wired to his trailer–that guy had awesome taste in music. Also, everyone was really nice and there was more diversity in the age, gender, and amount of spandex on the bikers than I anticipated.)

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