Things I hope I can accomplish by christmas…

  • Submit at least ten different papers, first author on at least half
  • Get this ldos inversion program to work on Al, Si, and the carboranes
  • Submit at least one proposal for a postdoc fellowship
  • Set up 5 job interviews, preferably a couple in DC
  • give chalkboard club talk
  • attend nanotech seminars, condensed matter seminars, colloquia, and rehr group meetings every week (or at least the interesting ones)
  • Read the Feynman lectures and Ashcroft thoroughly
  • Read/skim last decade of Physics Today and make a giant sprawling diagram of what’s going on in CM physics and try to spot trends.
  • Have one big, crazy party
  • Go on a roadtrip with Andrea to Crater Lake, northern California
  • Attend Critical Mass at least once
  • Bike to Redhook
  • See Tribe @ Bumbershoot
  • Finish The Idiot
  • Make oodles of sushi with friends
  • drink less whiskey
  • Join intramural racquetball, beat snot out of kids who bring their own rackets
  • run the table in pool once, preferably against Josh

sheesh, maybe I meant xmas 2008…

special bonus lester and echo picture: