(huh, that could be the title for pretty much any of my posts)


Snapped that picture before leaving Argonne. Julie has a couple gadgets for making fancy coffee, frothy milk, espresso.. there’s a suggested donation of 50 cents, but (much like the shop’s coffee supply) I tend to just stick a twenty in the cup every now and then. Looks like I was due…

I got beat twice at putting up my first post on Metafilter, but I’ll just give you the gist here:

NY Times article on some maverick new reasons for why people are fat (microbes?!)

another article on Grisha, a topologist who pioneered the solution to one of math’s greatest problems and then disappeared into the woods. Oh yeah, and he’s probably going to win the Fields prize next week.

On a personal note–I got to try this guy‘s recipe for a Thai influenced pork and watermelon salad (that uses the rind!) someday. Feel free to disagree, but I think the flavors could be really good on that one.

Kate emailed and she misses her bear, so I’ve put a picture I snapped while we watching a documentary about Elvis. (waitaminute, Kate also mentioned that the Chinese government doesn’t allow wordpress sites..oh well, I’ll put it up anyways)