greenzebra.JPGToday was cleanup interspersed with meetings..followed by a trip to Green Zebra. Named after the tomato, this sleek little restaurant just outside downtown that serves up mostly vegetarian stuff created by this guy. Normally this would set off all sorts of hippy-food alarms, but John Walsh (not that one, this one) recommended it so I checked it out. I was a little overwhelmed by its menu, so I just did the five course tasting menu. I even let the staff pick a wine for me. It was all very, very good (and equally expensive–but I’m using the beam run per diem here a little). So, what did I get? <deep breath>

a curried tomatillo ‘shot’, roasted beets and fennel with balsamic, fennel flan, sweet corn soup, leek and marscapone napoleon, beet ravioli with black walnuts and blue cheese, halibut with corn bread and heirloom tomato water, and fried beignets with a raspberry rhubarb compote and cream.

The neat thing about the tasting menu is that with a group they give everyone different dishes–I saw a group of seven next to me manage to try literally everything on the menu that way. They had lots of drinks too and managed to send their bill well over a kilobuck. Yikes! Anyways, it was really cool to see all those textures and flavors in one meal…one of the best meals in memory..