I know, I know I have too many spices..ground spices turn to sawdust after a while, and I suspect that’s where some of the more unpopular ones end up (cough- gumbo-file-cough). Currently my favorites are fennel seeds, cardamon, allspice…all of which can be used in sweet or savory (hell, you can use almost anything in either). I built this very simple spice rack in the student shop last week when I was getting frustrated holding 0.001 in. tolerances everywhere and I just wanted to cut something up by eye. Anyways, I’m going to throw up a spice recipe or two now and then head to the market to pick up lunch for tomorrow’s hike.

(oh yeah, two little papers we banged out a couple months ago just got accepted–the T.T. Fister writing machine is gaining a little momentum!)