refund I just got my reimbursement forms finished for a few trips. I know that reimbursement != income, but that chunk of $3500 will feel very nice when it hits the checking account. I also just did my taxes, which were surprisingly friendly this year. (yes, I know I’m four months late, but I did an extension form a long time ago so I could try to recover what ended up being a nonexistent W2 from my work at seems to be getting more imbalanced all the time.

For instance, Republicans are tried to push another repeal of the estate tax through congress by lacing it with a minimum wage increase to entice the dems to cross the line. Fortunately, it got killed when Reid and 41 other senators stood up to Frist’s attempt at compromise (but they’ll try it again–Frist switched his own vote at the last second to keep the measure around for reconsideration–those are 12000 influential voters). Ugh..I don’t expect the situation to change anytime soon. Many of my friends, especially the foreign ones, believe that the US is on the verge of a large economic collapse. Perhaps such a catastrophe would eventually help realign our country’s economic/societal compass in the right direction, much like post-depression era America…anyhow, sorry for the brief rant. Besides church & state, issues like can make me see red (..or is that blue? oh never mind…) I’ll get back to my cooking, kitties, and physics now, heehee!!