These Spaten Optimators from TJs knock me out. Not as potent as the infamous pitcher of Brown Shugga, but still. I ruined Adam Clark’s love of this beer when I said it tasted like raisins and now that’s all he gets from it. I dunno…the folks at Beer Advocate like this brew too, but there were complaints about it’s ‘loose mouthfeel,’ whatever-the-fuck that and all she got was this brickis (I kid, I kid–I like that people are getting all gourmet about beer. After a few days on the East Coast recently I realized how lucky Seattlites are to have more than Heiniken for our fancy beers. Speaking of which–I should post some pictures from my recent visit to lovely, sweltering Andrea in lovely, sweltering DC…ok, here we go: that one on the right is her brick. That’s right, her very own brick for graduating from George Washington. I only got a slip of paper saying I graduated–this is way more cool (apart from the gum). Then we have Andrea trying on her new glasses she got at Secondi…I think she likes them. Then we have our most touristy picture at the Lincoln memorial–a.k.a. the cool one.

andrea likes her new shades

us and lincoln
Wasn’t I talking about beer? Well that’s just boring, and I need to get back to my physics-y stuff)