mango salsa and mint syrupI had Susan, Josh, and Evee over tonight for some Caribbean inspired fare that emphasized the defining ingredient of my summer: mint. While things were cooking, we had some mint juleps and mojitos. I’m still new to making cocktails, but I think most of my stuff is better than bar drinks. For instance, where mint is often little more than a garnish at some places, I still think it’s the defining characteristic of these two drinks. So not only do I muddle a good handful of mint in each drink, I use a mint infused sugar syrup (which is not as difficult as it sounds). The mango-mint salsa can be seen in the foreground and it was used with the jerk chicken that I grilled outside.

I do love jerk chicken. For a long time, I told all my friends that I was planning a huge party this summer with jerk chicken, jerk shrimp, jerk goat, anything with jerk paste smothered all over it. It was going to be the biggest jerk-off of all time. I guess this is the closest I’ve ever come, and I’m glad that the Kas family was around to share it with me. (Ok I’ll stop now)

’nuff joking–I put some recipes up if you’re feeling like a good time.

susan evee and dinner