So, I’ve fiddled with things a little on the new page and uploaded an image from a bike trip by gasworks park tonight for the banner. The sun was really low and was saturating the camera, rendering some of the stuff virtually transparent. It was a nice break from things. I also added a recipes page to keep track of cooking stuff. I put the simplest little recipe there for starters.

…In other news, I’m graduating soon and I’ve run out of degrees (in physics at least). I don’t remember how I ended up in physics…my dad recommended it and I really liked my intro teacher and his memorable tangents into complex numbers and general relativity…but most of my undergraduate schooling is a little hazy. I just sort of finished classes and, almost seamlessly, entered grad school and kept taking the same old classes, only harder this time, with occasional tangents into saddlepoint integration and synchrotrons. In some sense, I feel like I never emerged from that haze.
Or maybe the haze just became tighter…since then my work has focused and I now feel like I understand the <inhale> momentum-transfer-dependence-of-non-resonant-inelastic-x-ray scattering-from-core-shell-electrons <exhale> well enough to say it in one breath (on second thought, I like the acronym qIXS)…but I’m still unsure what I want to do when I grow up. Something similar…but with a different and more science-y bent…and I’ve got a few months to figure that before really hitting post-doc openings and fellowship proposals hard. That means I have to start hitting the current literature hard to find what looks interesting and new and fundable. It’s been fun developing qIXS, but I’ve got to find something else..and fast.

wish me luck!